5 Recommended Vacation in Medan

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Weekend Vacation in Medan – Medan is one of the cities that is a tourist destination that is often visited by local and foreign tourists. Medan has a variety of tourist attractions that are no less beautiful than Bali, Lombok, Jakarta and Yogyakarta. You can also staycation in Medan. One of the famous tourist attractions in Medan is Lake Toba. Not only Lake Toba, it turns out that Medan has many and exciting tourist attractions to visit.

If you want to plan a weekend Vacation in Medan and are looking for a beautiful and exciting destination, Traveloka will give you recommendations for several weekend Vacation in Medan. Just take a look

Sipinsur park

Sipinsur Geosite Park and Pine Forest – Sere Nauli Hotel

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Besides the beauty of Lake Toba, there is also Sipinsur which is no less beautiful than Lake Toba. From this Weekend Vacation destination in Medan, you can also see the view of Lake Toba at the same time and make the weekend more refreshing.

European-style ranch at Merci Bahn
This one weekend tourist spot in Medan is very Dutch-style. Many photo areas are very instagramable, there is a background with a large windmill as high as 22 meters and a building that resembles a rice barn house next to it.

For the location, this weekend Vacationdestination in Medan is on Jalan Karya Jaya-Medan Johor (Medan Resort City Housing), Medan, North Sumatra.

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Maze garden

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This next weekend Vacation to Medan is located near the Toba cafe which is close to Lake Toba tourism. Here you will find a very green and beautiful Labyrinth Park, usually tourists will take photos and play in the maze.

In addition, there is a wide variety of food dishes available to watch the beautiful scenery. This Labyrinth Park is also one of the weekend attractions that is quite romantic for those of you who want to have a weekend with your beloved partner.

Savana Afrika Tanah karo

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The next destination in Medan, you can see beautiful views of the African Savanna and a very beautiful and pollution-free atmosphere. There is a stretch of trees that surround this place with mountain views.

This next weekend vacation destination in Medan has become one of the favorite romantic places for quality time with your partner. To be able to visit it, you can stop by the Berastagi area, Karo Regency, Medan, North Sumatra.

Mangrove Beach

Keindahan Pantai Mangrove Kampung Nipah Favorit Wisatawan

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If you want to travel to the beach, Mangrove Beach can be an interesting choice in Medan. This beach is very interesting because there are Mangrove plants on the beach so the locals call it Mangrove Beach.

Mangrove Beach is located in Muara Maimbai Village, Serdang Bedagai Regency, North Sumatra. You can invite your family and friends to spend your weekend here.

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