The Sensation of Flying with Thai Vietjet Air

Getting beforehand information of Thai Vietjet Air experience can be necessary if you are trying to get the most out of it. Thai Vietjet Air is a budget carrier from Thailand. It has the hub center located in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. The airline is a joint center of Vietjet Air that’s based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and Kan Air that’s based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The company itself was founded in 2014 and has started to provide flight service since 2015.

Thai Vietjet Air experience is only available for one travel class, which is the economy. Each aircraft owned by the Thai VietJet Air offers 180 seats. Their fleets have the most environmentally friendly and modern aircrafts, with Airbus A320-200.

What to Know about the Experience of Flying with Thai VietJet Air

In the past, flying could be counted as an experience in and of itself. Nearly all airlines catered to business and prosperous travelers. There were plenty of pampering services, from the meals to the entertainments. The flights were rarely reached their full capacity during those old days.

However, time has changed. Nowadays, flying is no longer exactly an exclusive ordeal for most people. The mindsets also shift – consumers see flying as necessity compared to luxury, thus the raise of low-cost carrier. Getting what you pay for is a good enough deal already. Here are the experiences you can expect to get by flying with Thai VietJet Air:

  • Pre-flight

The Thai Vietjet Air experience begins with checking in process. As of the current, online check-in service is available from 24 hours to 1 hour prior to your scheduled flight departure time.

Online-based check-in allows you to speed the process up, by providing check-in and boarding pass printing option from your computer at your home or office. As an addition, you will also be sent e-Boarding pass to your registered email address. Online check-in also lets the passenger to check their luggage in beforehand, choose their seats, preorder their meals, and many more before the flight takes a depart.


An in-person check-in with Thai VietJet air agent is still available as well. Your itinerary and passport will be inspected before you receive the boarding pass. If you require to issue the boarding pass or want to check your baggage, you must come to the boarding counter minimum 50 minutes before your scheduled departure time, because the counter is closed 40 minutes in prior to the time of departure. After you have your boarding pass with you, you must be present at the boarding gate half an hour before the departure schedule, because the gate will be closed 10 minutes before the scheduled time of departure.


  • Flight

Your Thai Vietjet Air experience is accompanied by friendly flight attendants, who help the passengers to get into their respective seats. Thai VietJet Air’s flight attendance has red-colored uniform with brown checkered pattern at their shorts, cuffs, and collars that match with the airline’s brand identity.

Unfortunately, there is no available in-flight entertainment or free meals/snacks available. However, you’d be able to buy food, beverage, and snack from the wide range of menu provided by the airline. The hot meals menus are consisted of Thai culinary. That being said, some third-party ticket booking services may provide you with free food and beverages. It also has to be noted that the airline prohibits the passengers to bring food and beverages from outside.


The only available cabin class by Thai VietJet Air is the economy class. The cabin is sufficiently comfortable and clean, also supported by friendly and professional crews from the airline.


  • Safety

Thai VietJet Air has some of the most modern and young fleet. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality, reliability, and safety aspects of the service.

Regarding the current global situation, the airline also complies with health and safety procedures. These include body temperature measurement for all the passengers and the crews, along with strict social distancing rule both onboard and at the airport. You will be required to wear face masks inflight as well.

Sometimes, flying with budget airlines is the only option to get direct flight to certain destination. You can improve your Thai Vietjet Air experience by getting prior details about the flights, such as by reading the above information. A few tips below can also help to get optimize your flying experience.

First tip is, paying for special seats to get extra legroom entirely makes sense if legroom is your issue. The cost can be really worth it rather than sacrificing your comfort due to being allocated at random seat.

It is also advised for you to research for a bit about the allowed maximum weight and size of the luggage because luggage limits are common with low-cost airline service. You may have heard before about people that get restrained at check-in counter or the boarding gate because their bag size is too big.

Last but not least tip, is to prepare your entertainment before the flight. In this advanced world, you can arrange to have several films or you’re a few episodes of your favorite series downloaded for offline uses.

Just because you have chosen to fly with budget carrier, doesn’t mean that you will have less than enjoyable experience. The key to make it better is to research and plan about your flight in advance. Who knows, maybe your Thai Vietjet Air experience can be similar or even better than your experience with full-service airlines.