Taiwan Progressively Advancing Muslim Visitor Inviting City

Taiwan progressively Berbenah advance Muslim-accommodating urban communities.

As one of the nations in East Asia, Taiwan is one of the individuals’ travel industry goal in Indonesia.

As indicated by the Ambassador of Taipei’s Chamber of Commerce and Economics in Jakarta, John C. Chen, in 2018 at that point, there were around 210 thousand Indonesian vacationers visiting in Taiwan. The figure ascends by around 11 percent of the earlier year’s visit information.

sun yat sen

sun yat sen

The expansion in the quantity of Indonesian vacationer visits that the Islamic strict network has made to make the nearby government begin to urge Taiwanese the travel industry professionals to Berbenah.

One of them is by setting up the focuses of love both in the Inn, air terminal, to eateries and huge strip malls.

“Culinary spots and open spots, for instance, diners are moved (Muslim-obliging). Especially in critical urban networks, for instance, Taipei, Taichung, “said John Chen some time prior in the motivation of my  Fair 2019 in Jakarta.

Nasional Revolusinary

Nasional Revolusinary

As per MasterCard’s Global Muslim the travel industry Index (GMTI) reported in 2019, Taiwan is positioned as the third best Muslim traveler goal in non-Islamic locales.

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Indeed, even the city of Taipei picked up acknowledgment as a significant goal for Muslims visiting Taiwan. Taipei is additionally named as the fourth-most-known city for explorers, outperforming other significant world urban areas, for example, Singapore, Tokyo and New York.

To help the expansion of Indonesian Muslim visitors to Taiwan, China Airlines propelled a visit bundle titled ‘ Undiscovered Taipei Halal Holiday ‘ with promotion value beginning from Rp. 5.29 million.